WALTER ENERGIES was created in 2019 by Joffrey Walter, holder of a sanitary and heating CFC

Mr. Walter has 13 years of experience in sanitary, heating and ventilation. After having learned the basics of the trade in France, having perfected in Germany and having discovered the working methods in Switzerland, he decided to open his own company to offer customers a quality service, reliable while being close of its customers.

Before founding his business Mr.Walter applied for the recognition of his diplomas in Switzerland, he now holds a CFC (swiss diploma) in sanitary installations and a CFC in heating installations. He also did a training course in the use of refrigerants in Switzerland, which he successful passed and received his license on the 28th of November 2019.

Mr. Walter’s dream came true thanks to the help of his partner who also became his collaborator.

Together, they founded Walter Energies with the aim of satisfying their customers, not only in terms of quality of service, but also in their responsiveness and after-sales service.


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